Treatment for a broken hand – Alfonso Soriano

Wow, the Chicago Cubs really are snake bit. They are having a good year and their chief rivals lost their big gun with a torn calf muscle. Time to pownce and take over the division, right?

Not so fast. These are the Cubbies after all.

Last night, Alfonso Soriano broke his hand when he was hit by a Jeff Bennett pitch. The screams you heard didn’t come from Soriano, but the millions of Cubs fans.

What is a broken hand? We’ll skip telling you what a hand is and jump to the 27 bones that comprise your hand. Yes, 27 bones. A broken hand is when one of the 27 bones breaks. Soriano broke a metacarpal, which are the bones comprising the palm.

What are the symptoms of a broken hand? You’ll feel pain followed by swelling. As the swelling continues you’ll lose range of motion in the hand, especially the ability to touch fingers together. You’re also going to have problems grasping things like a baseball.

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How do you treat a broken hand? A split or a cast is used to immobilize the broken hand. Anti-inflammatory drugs are used to control swelling.

How do you rehab a broken hand? Hand flexibility and range of motion will be shot after treatment for a broken hand. Physical therapy is focused on ensuring that these items are reintroduced.

How long does it take to recover from a broken hand? It depends on the severity, but most broken hands will heal within 4 weeks, with complete recovery including mobility at 6 weeks.

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