How to treat dengue fever – Diego Hypolito

how-to-treat-dengue-fever-diego-hypolito-photoYep, the link is tenuous at best, but dengue fever can be considered a legitimate sports injury. Not buying it? Try talking to Diego Hypolito. What? Never heard of the only South American medalist to ever medal at the Gymnastic World Championships? Seriously, you need to expand your sports knowledge.

Dengue fever should be pronounced like Ben Gay, but with a D. Hence, Den Gay. The fascinating thing about this is the media reports concerning Hypolito’s infection. Check this out:

He’s recovering and could be released from the hospital on Tuesday. The three or four days he missed because of dengue will not affect his training for the Olympics. He will be completely recovered and ready to practice on April 23. – Dr. Robson de Bem.

Let’s look at some of the symptoms of dengue fevor:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Abdomen pain

I’m thinking it’s going to affect his training program, though he does have two weeks to get better with dengue fever treatment. And speaking of treatment, how do you treat dengue fever.

The Sports Medicine Patient Advisor, Third Edition

You don’t.

Ruh, roh. Dengue fever is a virus carried by mosquitoes, and as a virus it has no specific medial treatment. You treat the symptoms and eventually your body will rid itself of the virus. Recovering from dengue fever is usually a two week process, but it’s critical that adequate hydration and nutrition are maintained. It appears that two weeks is good enough to get him back into training for the Olympics. Who knew? Oh, Dr. Robson De Bem.

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