How to treat a groin strain – Steven Gerrard

Can there be a more personal injury to a male professional athlete than a groin strain? Possibly, but it hits so close to home. Liverpool soccer player Steven Gerrard is out in his next friendly match against Germany. While the topic says soccer, for those across the pond and the rest of the world, the sport is known as football. Steven Gerrard hurt his groin in a game against Bolton, so he’ll be unable to play for the national team.

The first thing we need to do is define the groin. Most folks think the groin has to do with the reproductive area of a male and they’d be close. Think about where your legs meet your torso and you got a groin. When you strain a “groin” it is something located in this general area. For Gerrard, he strained his adductor magnus, which is a huge muscle connecting your pelvis to your thigh.

What are the symptoms of a groin strain? Soreness and pain. You’re going to have problems moving your leg in a wide range of motion.

How do you strain your groin? There are two main causes of groin strain injuries: 1) Overuse, which is when you are constantly stressing the muscles. 2) Pinpoint, which is caused by abnormal movement of the leg or a traumatic injury.

How do you treat a groin strain? Rest and the normal heat and ice therapy. Basically, you’re waiting for the muscle to heal itself, so there isn’t much you can do. You should get checked out by a doctor, though, to ensure the groin is not torn.

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How long does it take to recover from a groin strain? It depends on the severity, but rest with proper swelling management can lead to good results in as little as a week. The important thing is to give the groin muscle a chance to reover completely.

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