How to fix a broken ego – Corey Brewer

Corey Brewer is a professional basketball player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. To say the start of his career has been a tough one would be an understatement. Although he was a fabulous college player, his pro performance to date is limited. Coming in as a first round draft pick he proceeded to put the dismal stats of 5.8 points per game and 37% shooting percentage. His performance has led folks to question whether Brewer is made for the NBA or not.

A recent story eluded to the fact that Brewer lost his confidence, his ego during his rookie year. In the article Corey says:

It was tough. Once you lose your confidence, it’s hard to get it back. We play 82 games. It’s a long season. We always hear about it, but until you play it, you don’t realize it.

Corey Brewer’s ego is broken, so it’s up to us to help him rehab and get back into the game.

What is a broken ego? The ego is a conscious, living thing. It determines how you handle and react to something. It also developes your confidence and personal pride. A broken ego occurs when a person undermine their personal value and starts doubting their ability.

How do you diagnose a broken ego? Simple. Your self-esteem and performance drops. You start questioning your actions, demanding more than your normal of yourself and criticize your personal actions without evidence.

The Ego-Less SELF: Achieving Peace & Tranquility Beyond All Understanding

How do you treat a broken ego? This is tricky, because it really matters what type of person you are and your support system. The first thing to do is take a personal inventory, a frank assessment. Look at your skills and how you’ve worked with them. Find the areas you need to improve and determine if working on them would help. If not, look for the way you are perceiving things. Sometimes, an ego just needs a simple adjustment based on perception.

How long does it take to rehab a broken ego? In professional athletes there is no guarantee for recovery. One season you might be the most valuable player and the next season you’re washing dishes for a living. The best possible way to rehab a broken ego is through continual self affirmation of accomplishments; don’t dwell on the negatives.

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