How long does it take to recover from a broken foot – Bubba Harris

We’ve covered how to treat a broken foot before, but I had to mention a few more things about it in light of some news. I am not going to say I watch BMX, but I know of it. This is the sport where people think it’s a great idea to jump obstacles and soar high on bikes. One of the stars of the sport is Bubba Harris. He’s a pro BMXer who knows a thing or two about injuries.

For instance, he suffered an injury almost a year ago that was so bad that doctors thought they would have to amputate his foot. The injury was one of the worst for a foot and it exposed tendons, ligaments and more. His foot was literally hanging by a tendon and some skin.

Bubba eventually recovered and said:

They ended up not having to take it, so that’s a plus, right?

You gotta love an attitude like that, right?

When I mentioned Bubba recovering from his horrific injury I misspoke. He recovered enough to, drum roll please, try out for the olympics. Yes, a short 9 months after his foot fearing injury, Bubba was back in the mix trying to qualify for the olympics.

He failed.

No, it wasn’t do to his previous injury. Nah, Bubba broke his foot this time. It’s an ordinary, garden varriety break, though.

Since he was practically Superman with this last injury, I don’t think anyone would be surprised he would heal overnight.

Seriously, though, this injury is going to keep him out of qualifying. But the funniest part? It was his GOOD foot that broke this time. Poor Bubba can’t catch a break. Well, he can.

How long will it take to recover from a broken foot? Typically it’ll take 4-6 weeks unless surgery is needed. If surgical intervention is needed you can add a few weeks for recovery. Remember, when you talk recovery here it’s being able to be as active as you were previously.

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Is there a way to hurry up recovery? Not so much, but physical therapy and hydro therapy can make the process easier and sometimes quicker.

How long will it take Bubba to recover from his broken foot? If he recovered from a near amputation in 9 months he should be fine by the end of the week. <grin>

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