How does the clear THG help athletes – Marion Jones sucks

how-does-the-clear-THG-help-athletes-Marion-Jones-sucks-photoMarion Jones is in the news again. This time she, or should I say her attorney, is pleading to the court to avoid prison time. Her attorney saus she has suffered enough. As if. Marion Jones turned in her medals and has become a ghost in the world of track and field, but she still cheated. More importantly, she lied.

You might be wondering how the clear THG helps athletes and why would they use it. Hopefully, the run through below helps you become more acquainted with the steroid.

What is the clear THG? Big word alert. It’s real name is tetrahydrogestrinone. Yeah, good luck with that one. It’s an anabolic steroid.

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What benefit does the clear THG give to an athlete? Since it’s an anabolic steroid it helps protein creation in your body. This is important, because, wait for it, protein builds up muscles. The benefit is that an athlete can become stronger, faster and recover from workouts/competition quicker. Pretty cool, right? Yep, but this leads to side effects such as increased body hair growth, heart problems, sexual performance issues, bone growth and more icky things. Yes, icky is a technical term.

Why was the clear THG used? Athletes flocked to it since the drug testing agencies couldn’t test for it. It was a designer steroid created for the specific purpose of avoiding drug detection. Another benefit is that it was very potent when compared to other steroids.

How was the clear THG found by drug testing agencies? Believe it or not a trainer named Trevor Graham is thought to have sent them an anonymous sample. Why? No one knows. He has been pegged as the source by testimony.

Should Marion Jones go to jail for using the clear THG? No. It wasn’t banned by the FDA until 2003 and the drug testing agencies didn’t even know it existed. She should go to jail for lying to federal investigators while they were investigating the source of the drug, Balco.

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