How do you treat a strained foot ligament – Aaron Schobel

Aaron Schobel is having a great year for the 4-1 Buffalo Bills, though he isn’t getting a ton of sacks. He’s an awesome pass rusher, but he’s been sidelined with a strained ligament in his foot. This is going to impact his ability to practice, but the good thing is the Buffalo Bills have a bye week. Aaron can take a week off, let it heal and get back to it.

I feel like the last couple games I’m starting to rush better. I haven’t got sacks. But I think I’m on the right track as far as doing what I need to do to improve, to help the team.

So, let’s talk about Aaron’s injury and his prospects.

What is a strained foot ligament? Your foot has a number of ligaments that help you walk, run and plant. Any number of these ligaments is in use during physical exertion. When you strain a ligament you’re actually tearing it away from its anchor.

What are the symptoms of a strained foot ligament? Soreness is the number one issue. It’s not so much pain as a pulsating ache. You’re going to have some trouble walking or sustaining balance in the case of a really bad strain.

How do you treat a strained foot ligament? Rest and elevation are the number one way of handling the issue. You can also swap ice on and off, but it really comes down to time. The more you stay off of it, the more it has a chance to heal.

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How long does it take to recover from a strained foot ligament? It’s going to take less than a week for a mild strain to more than four weeks for a major strain.

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