How to treat knee bursitis – Chris Duncan

chris-duncan-knee-bursitisChris Duncan was off to a pretty good 2007 season, but now he needs to find out how to treat bursitis. According to reports, Chris Duncan is going on the disabled list today. The reason given is a knee infection and knee bursitis. The interesting thing is that the infection isn’t staph and he hasn’t had a fever in several days.

According to his father, Dave Duncan:

“He doesn’t have a fever. He had a fever yesterday. So the infection has been getting out of there. They’ve got him on intravenous antibiotics. The cultures come back tomorrow morning, and they’re hoping to let him out of the hospital tomorrow.”

Since the infection isn’t staph more than likely the cause for the DL trip is knee bursitis. Knee bursitis in a very hard injury to overcome for a professional athlete.

What is knee bursitis? Knee bursitis occurs when the tendons of your knee become inflamed due to rubbing against bone. This causes the bursae to swell and become painful. Bursae are packs of fluid in your joints that allow easy motion without friction.

What causes knee bursitis? Usually this is caused by a repetitive event to the area affected. Sometimes it can be caused by a hard, forceful blow to the knee.

What are the symptoms of knee bursitis? When you get knee bursitis you will experience a burning pain. The pain will be constant, but will increase when the knee is moved. Your knee will also be stiff and inflexible due to the swollen bursae.

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How do you treat knee bursitis? The treatment for knee bursitis is to quit doing the repetitive activity causing the inflammation. If the swelling is large, the doctor will drain the fluid in the knee. Antibiotics might be prescribed if there is an indication of infection. Steroids might also be prescribed to limit inflammation.

How long does it take for knee bursitis to heal? You can usually resume physical activity within a week of treatment. In this cases of bursitis that is untreated or infected it will take up to a month for the swelling to go down and the knee become active again.

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