How to treat torn ankle tendons Marvin Lewis

how-to-treat-torn-ankle-tendons-photoThere has to be a joke in here somewhere about how Marvin Lewis tore the tendons in his ankle. Something along the lines of, “Marvin Lewis injured himself while preventing Odell Thurman from driving drunk.” You know, the whole jail Bengals thing.

Alas, it’s not that funny, though you can imagine different scenarios. Lewis is mum, so you have to use your own creative imagination.

One wonders who is going to be the one to put their foot in the ass of Chad Johnson for the next few weeks. Ok, seriously, that was the last one.

What are ankle tendons? Well, the most popular ankle tendon is your achilles tendon, but there are also four other major tendons in the ankle. The tendons in your ankle stabilize your foot and allow flexibility. Without the tendons in your ankle your foot wouldn’t be able to move.

How do you tear your ankle tendons? Over extension is the number one way to do it. You know the old song, “The yada is connected to the yada bone?” It’s similar to the ankle tendons. If you have over developed or unusually weak calves they can cause an ankle tendon tear.

What are the symptoms of torn ankle tendons? Pain. Lots of pain. The pain is more the burning type. You won’t be able to walk normally and in most cases you won’t be able to lift and stand on your toes.

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How do you treat torn ankle tendons? This is a tough one. In most cases surgery is required on an outpatient basis. The tendons are literally reattached to where they ripped. A cast is required for 6-8 weeks afterwards to immobilize your ankle. In a few cases you might be able to get by without surgery, but you’ll need a cast. The time for healing will take about double the time of surgery.

How do you rehabilitate torn ankle tendons?  Once the initial healing is finished and the cast is off, physical therapy is needed to increase strength, but more importantly, to regain flexibility.

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