How to treat a strained forearm – Russ Ortiz

russ-ortiz-forearm-injury-photo_1Russ Ortiz has been around the block in the major leagues, so it comes as no suprise that he is headed onto the disabled list with a strained forearm. He’s had issues with the forearm in the past, but those were nerve issues and not a strained forearm.

As for the latest setback, Russ Ortiz had to say:

It’s very discouraging. To have to go in for another MRI when I feel like I just had one is very frustrating. I was feeling really good. … This is the second time I’ve had an issue this year when everything seems to be going the right way. I had to be on the DL twice, that’s the frustrating part.

The team is saying two weeks for the injury to heal, which is about the right amount of time. It must be stressed, though, that this would only be the case if it is a strain.

What is a strained forearm? A strained forearm occurs when a muscle in the forearm is over extended or over stretched and tears form.

how-to-treat-strained-forearm-photoWhat are the symptoms of a strained forearm? You will definitley experience pain and stiffness in the forearm. If it is a bad strain you will experience bruising in the forearm.

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What is the treatment for a strained forearm? An over the counter pain medication should take care of any inflammation and pain in the forearm. If inflammation continues, a prescribed anti-inflammatory might be used. It’s important to continue to rehab the injury through light stretching and use. You don’t want the muscle to atrophy.

How long does it take a strained forearm to heal? For mild to midrange strains, it’s going to take about two weeks. For major strains of the forearm it’s going to be a month.


  1. Forget the forearm…how do you cure Russ Ortiz’s career? Once he left the Giants, he seemed to have lost his stuff. He was servicable when he pitched for the Braves but he had already started going downhill a bit.

    1. Yep. It’s a shame that the injury is in the forearm, which is the same place as the “nerve” issues. The reason I put it in quotes is that it’s suspicious.

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