How to treat a high ankle sprain – Terrell Owens

how-to-treat-high-ankle-sprain-photoThe mouth that is Terrell Ownes is out in the regular season finale with the Washington Redskins with a high ankle sprain. Terrell Owens being does increase the chances the Redskins will mkae the playoffs, but I am sure Terrell will talk about it before the game, during the game and after the game. The sprain isn’t high enough to cover his mouth.

Ok, enough with the hating.

Terrell’s high ankle injury isn’t a laughing matter. 90% of your normal ankle sprains occur when you turn in on your foot. The rest are your high ankle sprains when you turn it outside.

What are the symptoms of a high ankle sprain? Limited movement to the outside of your foot is a good sign in addition to normal ankle sprain symptoms. This includes swelling, tenderness and not being able to fully support your weight.

What causes a high ankle sprain? As mentioned above, high ankle sprains are caused when you violently twist your foot outward. This causes the ligaments above your ankle to tear, hence the name high ankle.

How do you diagnose a high ankle sprain? A doctor will examine the ankle and run through range of motion tests. It’s important that the doctor doesn’t assume a normal ankle sprain, but based on your reports of where it hurts the diagnosis should be easy.

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How you treat a high ankle sprain? This is a magical pill. No, there isn’t. You need to do the normal things for a sprained ankle. This includes resting the ankle, elevating the ankle and applying compression. You can also use ice to minimize any swelling. The tough thing about high ankle sprains is that people have a tendency to re-injure themselves, since they don’t allow an adequate healing time to pass.

How to do you rehab a high ankle sprain? Range of motion exercises are important, as are resistance therapies. You want to avoid not using the ankle at all, but then again you don’t want to use it too much. Crutches are probably needed if you want to ensure getting back on your feet quickly.

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