How to treat a broken tibia and broken fibula – Kieron Dyer

broken-tibia-fibula-photoBefore we start talking about the broken tibia and fibula of Kieron Dyer, let’s take a moment and look at a photo of the injury.

Ouch. Check out how his leg is beginning to buckle. I cringe just looking at it.

Anyway, x-rays confirmed he’s broken his tibia and fibula in the leg. The man cannot catch a break. Checkout Kieron Dyer’s injury history:

  1. 2001 – March: fractured shin
  2. 2002 – January: stress fracture foot
  3. 2002 – May: knee ligament
  4. 2003 – March: hamstring injury
  5. 2004 – Rest of Year: lingering hamgstring injury
  6. 2005 – April: hamstring
  7. 2005 – July: Surprise, hamstring
  8. 2005 – October: You guessed it. Hamstring
  9. 2006 – February: Oh yeah, another hamstring
  10. 2006 – October: Hit me with hamstring

Yeah, you could almost see this one coming, right? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

What is the tibia and fibula? Your leg has four bones: tibia, fibula, patella, femur. The tibia is larger than then fibula and they are at the bottom of your leg. They are responsible for supporting your body weight. Without them you’d fall over.

What causes a broken tibia and fibula? The most common cause is trauma such as a car accident. The pressure of your body on the bones meeting the outside force of something is enough to cause a break. I don’t see a car in the photo, so … another cause is twisting of the ankle in such a manner the bones break. To a lesser extent over use can cause stress fractures, but not complete breaks.

How do you know if you have a broken tibia or fibula? The symptoms of a broken tibia and/or fibula are the same. Pain. Massive amounts of pain. You will also see a deformity in lower leg, see photo above, and the leg bends at the break and not at your joints. X-rays will confirm a break, though it will be obvious if you have broken both due to swelling.

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How do you treat a broken tibia or fibula? Until you get medical attention you should not move the leg. Elevate the leg and  apply ice to reduce swelling. Once you’ve saught medical attention you doctor will decide if surgery is appropriate. If surgery is not needed a cast will be applied. Since the bones are the main weight bearing bones of your body, surgery will usually be needed. The surgery for a broken tibia and fibula includes the insertion of screws. pins and/or plates to help promote regrowth.

How long does it take to come back after a broken tibia and fibula? It’s going to be six weeks before the cast is off and then another two to four weeks of physical therapy. For a surgical resolution it’ll be six weeks until you can walk at all with the benefit of a cane or walker. After about four additional weeks of physical therapy you can toss the cane/walker aside. After six months most recreational players can resume sports.

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  1. i have tribula and fibula fracture.. it was completly broked. i had surgery for it in 2005, but now it has started to pain me a lot.. i hope u suggest me something appropriate

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