How broken fingers affect and hurt football players

Well, I’m not happy to say it, but I was right about Matt Hasselbeck. It turns out that he and the Seahawks we’re lying about his previous injury. It turns out that Hasselbeck actually went through eight games with broken fingers.

We said then:

Will this affect Matt Hasselbeck? I feel it’s going to affect his snaps. Looks for a couple of fumbles from him.

How do you like that? Not only did the team lie about his injury, but they tried to cover it up. And yes, it did affect him regardless of what the Seattle Seahawks say:

On Sunday against the Bears, Hasselbeck was hit from behind following a throw early in the game and held his hand while in obvious pain. On fourth-and-1 with Seattle in Chicago territory and two minutes left in regulation, Hasselbeck bobbled the snap. That ruined the timing on Shaun Alexander’s run, resulting in a 2-yard loss and leading to overtime.

We said there would be issues and we were right. It’s a shame they happened in a playoff game. Maybe next time the Seahawks will own up to the issue and allow their quarterback to heal.

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