How many football players end up with career ending injuries? Gridiron Greats

gridiron-greats-logoFootball is the most violent sanctioned sport in the world. It’s more violent than boxing and hockey, which are the two sports almost always argued about. The players in the NFL are compensated well for the time they make their bodies sacrificial pulped edifices for our enjoyment. When their careers are over many suffer lifelong diabilities.

To combat this a group called Gridiron Greats was formed to fight for benefits and support. As their website says:

The organization focuses on the humanitarian side of post-football related issues, providing hands-on assistance to help retired players deal with hardships they may face after football

It’s amazing that in an industry that continues to generate billions of dollars a year there would be a need for an organization like this.

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The latest news is that Daryl Johnston has joined the effort. Daryl Johnston is best known as the man who opened the running lanes for Mr. Smith in Dallas. His career was cut short due to a neck injury.

The problem with this effort is that the player’s union, Gridiron Greats and another group called Fourth and Goal.

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