Tracy McGrady back injury – treatment of back sprain

tracy-mcgrady-back-injury-stretcherTracy McGrady is in the top ten basketball players on the planet, but he’s been humbled lately due to a back strain. While some in the media are questioning whether Tracy McGrady is washed up, a back strain is a tough mess to clean up.

Your back provides the framework for the rest of your skeleton and cannot be underestimated in importance. Everything from standing to walking to laying down are affected by your back. This doesn’t even begin to address how important the back is in basketball. Even a minor disruption of your back’s physiological function will hurt your performance.

What is back strain? Since your back is supported by muscles in ligaments throughout the upper body, back strain occurs when any of these muscle or ligaments groups are pulled or torn. Most back strains occur in the lower back where a larger degree of support is required.

What are the symptoms of back strain? A back strain presents itself in the following ways:

  • Pain in the area of the lower of middle section of the back when moving
  • Spasms in the muscles connected to the back
  • Sensitivity to rough touch in the area affected

How do you treat back strain? There is no quick answer to fixing a back sprain. The best treatment is rest, anti-inflammatory medications to reduce any swelling and exercise. Yes, exercise. By following a professional regimen of physical therapy you avoid atrophy and limit the inflammation of the swollen tissue.

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How long does it take to recover from back strain? Most back strains can be healed within a month, but the important thing is to continue to exercise the back in a professional manner.

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