Jeff Faine – Torn biceps – treatment for ruptured biceps

jeff-faineJeff Faine, the starting center for the Cleveland Browns, was placed on the injured reserve with a torn biceps. You need your arm as a center, so it makes sense to put him on the injured reserve. The funny thing about Jeff Faine is that this marks the third consecutive season on the injured reserve.

Your biceps are the two muscles in the upper arm that provide the strength you need for lifting. Usually they are properly referred to as biceps brachii. The strength allows your elbow to move and pivot providing the leverage needed to lift objects. Since the biceps are the easiest muscle to see, most people make an effort to increase their size and lifting power.

How do you tear your biceps? Since your biceps is located in your arm most injuries occur when you try to lift to much weight with your arm. Your biceps literally tear or rupture under the weight. In football this injury occurs when your arm is fully extended and you attempt to lift or push a weight that is too heavy.

What are the symptoms of a biceps tear?

  • Sharp pain in the elbow
  • Dull pain at the top of the arm
  • Loss of strength in the arm
  • Bruising in the area of the biceps

How do you treat a biceps rupture? If the biceps are torn or ruptured there is really only one option and that’s surgery. The surgery consists of having your arm opened up and the muscle sutured and reattached. Check out this site for graphic pictures of a biceps repair.

How long does it take to recover from a biceps tear rupture? It takes 6-8 weeks of physical therapy to regain mobility, flexibility and strength in the affected arm. Normal sports activities shouldn’t be resumed for a few months. The physical therapy will be intense and painful are the biceps heal.

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