Lindsey Jacobellis strained knee treatment snowboarding injuries

lindsey-jacobellis-visaLindsey Jacobellis is a gold winning snowboarder from the United States. As a warm up for the 2006 Winter Olympic games, she was going to compete in the 2006 Winter X Games. Mysteriously, Lindsey Jacobellis didn’t show up for her qualifying run at the Winter X Games. Fairly soon, though, it was announced that she was suffering from a strained knee.

This is an ominous turn of events, Lindsey Jacobellis is almost the face of the United States team competing at the 2006 Winter Olympics. If she is injured and unable to compete it could mean a loss of medals and even advertising dollars.

Lindsey Jacobellis hasn’t been injured in a while, but no one can blame her for taking it easy and putting the 2006 Winter Olympics as her top priority. The winter Olympics happen once every four years, so you can be sure that no one is going to take a chance missing the event.

What is a strained knee? A strained knee is a catch all diagnosis that could mean anything without further diagnosis. Usually it involves a slight, very slight ligament pull, but in most cases advanced¬† diagnosis won’t show significant damage.

What are the symptoms of a strained knee? As Lindsey said she didn’t feel right when she landed in warmups. That’s as simple as a strained knee can present itself. You may have soreness to the touch or use of the joint.

What is the treatment for a strained knee? In most cases rest will fix the tenderness or pain that is felt.

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