Robinho treatment for thigh edema

robinho-thigh-edema-injuryBrazil is favored to win the world cup, but their super sub Robinho will be out for the match against Ghaha due to a thigh edema. He suffered the injury in the match against Japan. He started that match, but has been used as a sub primarily.

What is a thigh edema? We need to break this down first. We all know what the thigh is, right? It’s the part of your leg that runs from your hip to your knee. Very powerful muscles are in the thighs. When you suffer an impact injury as Robinho did you can bruise your thigh area, which is what causes the edema. Edema is just extra fluid in a an area of your body. It accumulates at the point of this injury and might be blood or water that collects.

What are the symptoms of thigh edema? You’ll have swelling in the affected area, and it will be sensitive to the touch. When edema occurs in the thighs it will make walking or running painful and labored.

How do you diagnose thigh edema? Since it’s a soft tissue injury you need to have an MRI to look at the affected area for other injuries. Once you rule those out you can see the accumulated fluid.

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How do you treat thigh edema? Time is the best cure, but you can also use physical therapy. By encouraging movement of the thigh and flexibility exercises, the extra fluid can be worked out of the affected area.

How long does it take to recover from thigh edema? Good question. In most cases the additional fluid will work itself out of the area in a matter of days. There will be soreness that you’ll have to work through in the following weeks

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