James Dungy suicide details – 911 call transcript

It appears that the death of James Dungy was a suicide. There are pending medical tests that will help determine an official cause, but today the Hillsborough Sheriff’s office released a transcript of the 911 call. The 911 call helps detail the moments after James Dungy was found and adds more information to the nature of his death.

As we’ve noted in the past, suicide is something that happens most times with warning signs. Read the warning signs and take note of the behavior of those you love.

Antoinette Anderson, James Dungy’s girlfriend, called 911 after arriving home from a 10 minute walk according to published reports. The transcript starts with Antoinette realizing what has happened, and what can only be described as horrific, having to cut him down:

EMS: Okay, are you with him now?
Anderson: Yes, but he’s not moving and he’s laying down on the ground. And, because I cut it down with a knife.

She then has to notify James Dungy’s roommate of what happened while he was sleeping in the other room. Can you imagine the agony of your roomate committing suicide while you slept in another room?

Dispatcher: Okay. Alright. Is there anybody else there with you?Anderson: Yes, his roommate. But his roommate is in the other room. I don’t even know if he knows.

Dispatcher: Well, get the roommate up. You’re gonna need some help here, okay? And come right back to the phone.

As the call continues Antoinnette and the roomate realize that James isn’t moving or breathing:

Dispatcher: Okay, the guy said he didn’t see anything?Anderson: No.

Roommate: His stomach’s not moving.

Anderson: No. He’s not moving.

As they try to begin CPR it’s heart breaking as they realize the breath they are putting into James aren’t doing anything:

Dispatcher: Okay, with the head tilted back, pinch the nose closed and completely cover your mouth over his. Force two depp breaths of air into the lungs just like you’re blowing up a big balloon. Okay? Go ahead and do that.Anderson: Okay.

Dispatcher: Did you do that?

Anderson: Yes, I just don’t think he’s alive.

Dispatcher: Did you feel the air going in?

Anderson: No. No.

Paramedics arrived on scene, took over CPR and transported James to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Another 911 tape that was released shows that James Dungy had attempted suicide before in October of 2005:

“I was being stupid and I took about 15 pills. And my mom told me to call you guys so I can get my stomach pumped.”

This time there was no recourse. With his girlfriend out of the apartment and his roommate asleep, it appears James found the chance to commit suicide.

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