How to treat and recover quickly from a broken arm – Junior Seau

junior-seau-pain-broken-armFuture hall of famer Junior Seau will miss the rest of the 2006 season due to a broken arm. Well, if you watched the game you know it’s a broken arm, but the New England Patriots aren’t going to confirm nor deny it. All they will do is say Junior Seau is out.

Ok, we’ll call it a broken arm and move on. This doesn’t diminish the great career that Junior Seau experienced, but his arm is broken and not admitting doesn’t help anyone. People are already starting to speculate Seau’s career is over.

We don’t know exactly what part of Junior Seau’s arm is broken, so we’re going to cover breaking your arm in general. It’s still very painful, but understand we mean your arm. We don’t mean your wrist. We don’t mean your finger.

What is a broken arm? An arm typically includes the bone running from your shoulder to your elbow, but it’s common to refer to all the bones from the shoulder to the wrist. These bones include humerus, ulna and radius. Humerus attaches to your shoulder, while ulna and radius are below your elbow.

It’s very rare for someone without prior injury to break their humerus. In most cases, people break their ulna or radius.

How do you break your arm? Usually, you break your arm by applying too much pressure in the opposite direction. Literally, your arm bone snaps and it’s broken.

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How do you treat a broken arm? You should immediately stabilize the arm by using a sling. This keeps the arm from moving and causing further damage to your nerves or skin. You can also apply ice to the broken arm, but make sure it’s a small enough amount to not cause more pain. The goal of using ice is to minimize swelling and decrease pain. You should seek immediate medical attention.

Once you are seen by a medical professional your bone will be set and you will be fitted for a cast. This is typically fiberglass and will keep your bone from shifting while it heals.

How fast does a broken arm heal? It depends on the severity of the break, but it shouldn’t take more than six weeks for a break to heal enough to have the cast removed. Within nine weeks you should be able to resume your sports given a proper rehabilitation regimen.

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