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clinton-portis-shoulder-subluxationThe argument about whether there are too many preseason football games can be left to others, but the one thing that pains every football fan is when a star gets hurt in a preseason game. That is what happened when Clinton Portis dislocated his shoulder in a preseason game between the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals. For the Redskins, it’s a definite blow, but for Clinton Portis, he might be looking at a tough rehab for the injury.

The good thing about his injury is that it was a shoulder subluxation, which means his should popped out of the socket, but went back in on it’s own. An MRI this morning confirmed that his joint has suffered damage. Clinton was a little bitter after his injury saying:

For whoever’s watching: Let’s get rid of some of these games. Four games is ridiculous. Then you play a 16-game season and the playoffs behind that.

What is a shoulder subluxation? Since the shoulder is a ball and socket joint, it can pop out. A shoulder subluxation happens when the shoulder pops out of the socket and then goes back in on its own without any intervention.

What’s the damage a shoulder subluxation can do? The shoulder is held into the socket by ligaments and tendons. When it pops out those ligaments and tendons can be damaged.

What causes shoulder dislocation subluxation? It can happen through a variety of activities, but in football it uusally happens when a player falls on their outstretched arm. The pressure on the arm pulls the shoulder out of the socket. With Clinton Portis this is exactly what happened, as he hit the ground very hard after the hit. Since his arm was outstretched, there wasn’t a way for the shoulder to absorb any of the impact without popping out of the socket.

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What are the symptoms of shoulder dislocation subluxation? You’re going to feel the pop when it happens, and you might hear it. Immediately your shoulder will start to feel pain and numbness in the shoulder. Some people describe a tingling sensation that doesn’t go away. You will find that your shoulder is very weak.

What are the treatments of shoulder dislocation subluxation? As long as the shoulder has returned to the socket there isn’t much you can do. You need to ice the joint to reduce swelling and also take anti-inflammatory medication. The goal is to reduce the amount of swelling and the stress on the joint.

How do you rehab a shoulder dislocation subluxation? A wide range of shoulder exercises through physical therapy can bring your shoulder back into the proper shape. You need to get to the point where there is a full range of shoulder motion without pain. Also, you should ensure the strength is built back into the shoulder.

When will Clinton Portis be back? He’ll be in the starting lineup by the start of the season.

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