Kevin Mawae – How do you treat a torn triceps – treatment for triceps tear

triceps_0Kevin Mawae is out with a torn triceps. It sounds very painful and it is as it’s a tear of a very fibrous part of your body that is involved in a whole range of movement by your arms.Kevin Mawae’s triceps tear is a major tear.

The triceps are the main muscle in your arms. It runs up the back of your arms and allows movement of the forearm and hand. The triceps is so large it accounts for almost all of the mass of an arm.

A torn triceps occurs when the muscle experiences more tension and torque than it can handle. Most tears are minor and can dealt with by allowing the body to heal itself naturally. Sometimes the tear is sever and surgery is called for.

How can you tell if you have a torn triceps? You will usually hear a pop coming from your arm and pain will be immediate evident in your arm and elbow area. You will also lose an appreciable amount of lifting capability.

What is the treatment for a minor triceps tear? Treatment options include rest, ice, heat, pain relief and mobility and strength exercises. The recovery time for a minor triceps tear can be one to four weeks.

What is the treatment for a major triceps tear? Treatment is surgery followed by intensive physical therapy. The recovery time for a major triceps tear is four to six months.


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