Braylon Edwards treatment of infection with surgery

Braylon Edwards was drafted third overall in the 2005 NFL draft to help the Cleveland Browns with the receiver corps. Braylon played college at the University of Michigan.

Recently it was discovered that Braylon Edwards wasn’t healthy and that his illness was a very aggressive infection in his arm. His arm became so swollen by the infection that surgery was performed last week by Cleveland Browns doctors at the Cleveland Clinic.

What is an infection? An infection is a colonization and attack on a host by a foreign organism by typically bacteria. If you have a cut and bacteria makes it to the source point you may become infected.

How do you fight infection? Our bodies have antibodies, white blood cells that fight off foreign infection. They are also helped by antibiotics, which are medicines designed to fight bacteria.

Why did Braylon Edwards need surgery? No one knows as the CLeveland Browns aren’t releasing many details. Surgery can become necessary if a course of antibiotics isn’t defeating the invaders.

When you have an infection that needs surgery you usually are suffering from necrosis of the flesh. This could be muscle, organ or other tissue type. The idea is to remove the infected area so that the infection doesn’t have a chance to spread.

We need to make it clear that it has not been confirmed that Braylon Edwards was suffering from necrosis or gangrene.

Braylon Edwards is expected to miss 6-8 weeks.

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