Treatment for a bone bruise – Anquan Boldin knee bone bruise

knee-bone-bruiseThe Arizona Cardinals were supposed to be one of the surprising teams in the NFL this year. It hasn’t been a good year for them. Last week, in a game against the Dallas Cowboys, Anquan Boldin suffered an injury. It was thought that Anquan Boldin had a devastating knee injury, but it turned out be a very treatable knee bone bruise. Anquan Boldin was the NFL’s 2003 Rookie of the Year, and is known for his physical play. This isn’t the first injury for him and probably won’t be the last.

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What is a knee bone bruise? Bone bruises are also known as periosteal. The most painful bruises, they can sometimes take months to heal. What happens in a bone bruise is a compressive force pushes the in on itself. When this happens the outer layer of the bone, which is fibrous, breaks down. This leads to leaking of fluid.

The term knee bone bruise is a misnomer, as the knee isn’t a bone. The effected area is actually the tip of the femur where it connects to the knee.

What the symptoms of a knee bone bruise? You’re going to have soreness and pain to the touch as you do with a normal bruise, but a bone bruise will typically not swell. It’ll be difficult to walk, and there may be discoloration in the area of the knee bone bruise.

How do you treat a knee bone bruise?

  • Ice
  • Rest
  • Pain relief

There is no magical bullet or cure for a knee bone bruise, but time does a marvelous job.

The recovery time for a knee bone bruise ranges from days to weeks. Keeping mobility is critical to treating a knee bone bruise.


    1. Your lucky…it is six years after my diagnoses and I fear it will never heal. Both of my knees are still very tender mushy like but the skin is numb. I am sick about this. Glad to see some people actually heel from this.

  1. i was hit at hockey and it took them 3 months to figure out thati had a bone bruise. it hurts a lot, even after 3 months. i do physio twice a week, but it doesn’t really help. the pain comes a lot when the weather changes and it gets really stiff. basically, bone bruises are irritating.

  2. There is hope and treatment for Bone Bruises! Center for Integrative Manual Therapy has an amazing and gentle technique for healing bone bruises quickly. I can attest to the amazing healing my husband had after a severe fracture of his talus in his ankle. Check out or call me 610-344-7210 at Centerimt Philadelphia.

      1. NOT snake oil. Manual therapies (massage therapy, integrative manual therapy, CranioSacral Therapy) are all very viable treatments and do have their place in medicine. I myself practice CranioSacral Therapy and Massage Therapy, and even have neurologists refer patients to me that can’t get relief other ways. The therapies I do can and do successfully treat many many many people. The Upledger Institute in Florida teaches CranioSacral Therapy all over the world and I have trained for 5 years with them. I am also a memeber of the International Association of Healthcare Practitioners.
        Obviously you are not in the medical field or you would know of these therapies.

  3. I was in a car accident in 2003 and had my knees crushed against the dashboard. I was diagnosed as having a bone bruise on my left knee. To date i still have discoloration on the area that was hit and it is still very painful and stiff, especially during inclimate weather. There is also an indentation that seems to be getting larger which i have been unable to determine is part of a bigger problem.

    1. It has been six years since my motorcycle accident resulting in Bone Bruise in both knees. To this day they are just as tender and sore as the first day

  4. I had knee sugery when I was 11 and they did a crappy job tearing away the cartilage. Now 5 years later my knee is still in pain and I found out I have a bone bruise. My knee is stiff and it will not bend I really dont know what to do for it

    1. I opened a convertable sofa 2 years ago and the bar crashed right into my leg. The pain was the worse thing in my entire 59 years. Now, two years later it’s back again. Anything that agratates the area will bring it back. Two years ago I did streatching (with weights on the ankle) and kept that up for 3 months and walked 2 hours a day. The pain subsided. Now that it’s back, my doctor has suggested that I start a regiment of two advil 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) to try and break the pain cycle and to keep doing the stretching exercises and to keep walking.

  5. My son was just had xrays due to pain in his knees and having a hard time getting up. Bone bruises. How does a 9 yr old get these? Sure boys are active and reckless….but, he is typically average. I dont understand! He has other soreness in back,hips and ankle, so we are having these parts xrayed as well. My doc couldnt tell me much ,being inexperienced with this. He’s a tough kid too, and has to really be in pain before he even complains. Poor Babe…I dont know what to do till all the results are in.

    1. Did he grow even since?

      My daughter is 12 yrs old and just found out she has bone bruise. and doctor says she probobly will stay her hights since the bone bruises is right at her knee.

    1. Yes, it does!!

      Hi there,
      I feel with you – I’ve got a bone bruise as well. Had a broken arm in December and – due to the cast – have a bone bruise now. What fun!!

      1. ME TOO

        I took a very heavy fall playing squash – all on my right knee! 10 months later it is sore. I do physio exercises twice and week and ice it every day,but it is stopping me running etc. Ouch

          1. Bone Bruise from Bike Spill

            I fell off my bike over 2 wks ago. It still looks like I have 2 knees on that one leg.

  6. I have been diagnosed with a bone bruise in my left knee,after being hit side-on three weeks ago by a car while cycling. I cant seem to find out if i should be resting it or moving it. any advice?

  7. You should always treat bone bruises as soon as possible for they will act up in our old age where our bones are less dense and more prone to injuries. It will also aggravate rheumatism, which can be very torturous. Try to get a bruise ointment and massage the injured area frequently until the discoloration disappears.

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