How to treat a ruptured thigh tendon quadriceps tear – Ahman Green

ahman-green-thigh-tendonAhman Green was the starting running back for the Green Bay Packers until he ruptured his thigh tendon or quadriceps in a game against the Minnesota Vikings on October 23, 2005.

Although it’s been reported as a ruptured thigh tendon there isn’t enough information to determine which tendon is affected. There are multiple tendons in the thigh, but it’s more than likely the quadriceps that is at fault here.

What is the quadriceps tendon? The quadriceps is the largest muscle in the thigh and it’s responsible for moving your leg. When you want to extend your leg it contracts and pulls in. When you relax your leg it lengthens and allows full mobility. It allows your knee to move from straight to bent.

What effect does a torn quadriceps have on a person? Walking is almost impossible, sitting is painful. You lose mobility and the pain is incredible. If you try to walk your knee will buckle and you fall down.

How do you diagnose torn quadriceps? X-rays will show a shifted patella. External examination will reveal the tendon’s movement.

quadricepsHow do you treat a torn quadriceps? Surgery is the only way to do it, and it cannot be done arthroscopically. You have to open the leg and reattach the quadriceps to the anchor points on the leg.

This is what you can expect after surgery to repair a torn quadriceps:

  • Six weeks or more in a full leg cast.
  • Pain.
  • Six to eight weeks of physical therapy to regain mobility.

Most people can regain full mobility and strength in their legs after torn quadriceps surgery.

This is a great site with videos of torn quadriceps surgery.

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