What is a sports hernia? What is the treatment treatment for a sports hernia? Grant Hill

sports-hernia-beltGrant Hill, the most injured basketball player to ever play in the NBA, has a sports hernia. Grant will be out of the game for three to six weeks. But don’t worry about Grant. He explained:

I am as upbeat as I’ve ever been going into a surgery — and I’ve gone into a lot of surgeries.

Yes you have, Grant! But this time it’s a sports hernia, which isn’t the same as a broken bone.

What is a sports hernia? There are differing opinions onĀ  what makes a sports hernia different from other types of hernias. The best definition of a sports hernia is a tear in the muscles of the lower abdomen. This tear can lead to the muscle pulling away from the bones.

What causes sports hernias? Good question. The theory is that sports such as hockey, soccer, basketball or tennis get them due to the twisting and bending over that’s required in their sports. The process of twisting and bending over under force eventually causes tears in the abdominal muscles.

What are the symptoms of a sports hernia?

  • Abdominal pain localized in the lower abdomen
  • Pain throughout the groin area
  • Pain that increases when sudden movements occur such as sprinting or skating, but can also be experienced when coughing or sneezing

What is the treatment for a sports hernia? Rest and suspension of sports will sometimes do the trick. This gives the lower abdominal muscles a chance to heal. In most cases surgery is necessary, as in the case with Grant Hill. The surgeon will repair the torn abdominal muscle and reattach the muscles to the pubic bone if necessary.

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What is the recovery for a sports hernia? Physical therapy will be needed with focus on the pelvic and abdominal area including flexibility and strength training. The patient may be required to wear a sports hernia belt to increase support in the area.

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