Mike Martz may have endocarditis what is endocarditis?

endocarditisMike Martz is one sick guy. This week it was reported that he may have. Last week it was sinusitis. You’d think one guy could get a break.

We say “he may have”, because the doctors aren’t sure. Chris Mortenson reported was so bad last week that Mike Martz told his doctors that if they didn’t get a diagnosis he would resign as head coach of the St. Louis Rams.

They have probably settled on endocarditis, but there hasn’t been confirmation yet.

So, what is endocarditis? It’s an infection and inflammation of the inner layers of the heart. Usually it shows up on the heart valves themselves. The interesting thing about the heart valves is that they receive no blood supply. That means if they become infected you’re not going to have white cells to attack the infection.

The heart valves don’t receive a blood supply, so how do they become infected? Usually it’s when a small clot gets caught on a valve. The infection is introduced from a cut or dental work and makes its home on the valve.

What are the symptoms of endocarditis:

  • fever that spikes
  • bacteria in the bloodstream that is found through multiple checks
  • lesions on the palms, fingers or soles
  • heart murmur

What are the treatments available for endocarditis:

  1. High powered antibiotics
  2. Long term antibiotics use

If antibiotics don’t clear up the infection then the valve needs to be replaced with an artificial valve.

Most people recover from endocarditis, but there is a 25% mortality rate.

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