Antonio Pierce – High ankle sprain treatement

ankle-ligaments-sprainsAntonio Pierce is having a fantastic year as a linebacker for the New York Giants. He’s been a main part of a defense that has kept the New York Giants atop the NFC East.

It was reported today that Antonio Pierce won’t play in the New York Giants upcoming game against the Kansas City Chiefs due to a high ankle sprain.

Coach Tom Coughlin explained in a release, “His availability for this week would be doubtful at best.”

What are high ankle sprains? Also called syndesmosis sprains, high ankle sprains differ from normal ankle sprains. In a normal ankle sprain the ligaments that wrap around the ankle are torn or stretched. In a high ankle sprain the ligament above the ankle is torn or stretched. Only 10% of ankle sprains are high ankle sprains.

What causes high ankle sprains? High ankle sprains are caused by the foot twisting outward, as opposed to a normal ankle sprain, which is caused by the foot twisting inwards. High ankle sprains are more common in soccer, basketball and football.

What are the symptoms of a high ankle sprain?

  • More pain than associated with a normal sprain
  • Minimal swelling
  • Limited mobility when extended foot outward
  • Bruising
  • Inability to walk or put weight on the leg

How do you treat high ankle sprains treatment? Rest, ice, compression and elevation should be used to treat a high ankle sprain. The ankle should also be protected from further injury. In rare cases surgery may be called for.

How do you recover from a high ankle sprain? High ankle sprains are on of the tougher ankle injuries to recover from. You have to recover mobility, strength and flexibility through physical therapy. This process, depending on the severity of the high ankle sprain, can take between two and eight weeks. In rare cases surgery may be an appropriate course of action.

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