Eddie Drummond to miss week 6 with hyperextended left knee

Detroit Lions kick returner Eddie Drummond was injured in the opening kickoff of the NFL Week 5 game between the Lions and Baltimore Ravens.

It is reported that he will be out a week with a hyperextended left knee.

A hyperextension is when a joint is straightened beyond its normal fully straightened position.  It usually results in an awkward landing from a jump or from a contact injury.  The severity can range from minor, such as a strain, to severe, with ligament rupture or tear.

There are treatments available that depend on the severity of the injury.  Once diagnosed, options such as physical therapy for lighter hyperextensions and surgery for more severe hyperextension are available for the patient.

A doctor can evaluate the injury through various tests.  In Drummond’s case, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan will be done to determine the severity of the injury.  Other evaluation methods include a physical examination of the injury and x-rays.

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