Najeh Davenport broken ankle – how to treat a broken ankle

najeh-davenport-broken-ankleThe Green Bay Packers aren’t having their best season. They’re the modern version of zombie nation. The bad luck continued in their first win of the year versus the New Orleans Saints. Najeh Davenport suffered a broken ankle.

Najeh Davenport was promoted to starting running back when Ahmen Green was sidelined. He had a very good first half until he was tackled and his ankle was twisted to the point it broke.

A ankle fracture happens when the ankle joint is twisted or trauma occurs with enough force to break the stabilization. There are three main bones that provide this stabilization and they are the talus, fibula and tibia. Most ankle breaks occur with the anklebone (talus).


You can tell you have a broken or fractured ankle when you experience the following:

  • any deformity outside of the normal ankle appearance
  • the ankle is tender
  • you cannot put weight on the ankle
  • swelling
  • bruising

You can confirm a broken ankle with an Xray.

Treatment for a simple broken ankle is a cast and a rehabilitation schedule to regain range of motion and ankle strength. If it’s a complex break where ligament and muscles are affected, surgery might be called for.

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