Broken Collarbone Clavicle



  1. Shattered collarbone. My 16 year-old son shattered his collarbone at lacrosse 2 weeks ago- 3 severe breaks, prognosis not good. The hospital surgeon recommended NO surgery because of the severe breaks and risks involved with surgery. We went to another surgeon for a 2nd opinion, Dr. Chris Talley in Vero Beach, Florida who is a Sports Medicine Ortho Surgeon and Dr. for the Dodgers baseball team. He put in a plate & screws- surgery went great! Dr. Talley is a young and super-skilled surgeon. My son went from hopeless to a back to normal, active life because of Talley.

    Please call if you have questions. I was FRANTIC trying to find out the best route for my son – and I looked on all the message boards to guide me. This is a very scary situation, especially for a young athelete.

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