Aaron O’Neal died of viral meningitis – treatment for viral menegitis

One of the sadder stories to emerge from the college football pre-season was the death of Aaron O’Neal of the University of Missouri. Aaron played linebacker and was due to be a freshman redshirt. There were some questions about what he died from, but more tests after his death have lead medical investigators to believe it was viral meningitis.

What is viral meningitis? There are two types of meningitis, bacterial and viral. Aaron had viral meningitis, which means a virus infects the spinal and brain fluid.

What causes viral meningitis? Typically it’s seen due to common intestinal viruses, mumps or mosquito bites.

What are the symptoms of viral meningitis? Stiff neck, fatigue, fever, as well as nausea or dizziness.

What danger is there in viral meningitis? The infection of the spinal and brain fluid can cause swelling, which can lead to nerve and brain damage.

How lethal is viral meningitis? Unlike bacterial meningitis, most cases of viral meningitis will clear themselves up within two weeks.

What is the treatment for viral meningitis? Since antibiotics don’t work against viruses, you have to treat the symptoms and allow your body to fight the virus itself.

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